Month: October 2020

Trying New Private Detectives.

I had been fiercely loyal to my detectives, all this time. The creators of Hercule Poirot, Ms Marple, Sherlock Holmes, AXL Pendergast and Chief Inspector Armand Gamache made them so unique that every other detective I tried to acquaint with, did not move ahead of that first date. […]

Want To Go Paragliding

Paragliding and bungee jumping are two adventures I want to try before my health gives in to age. So that’s the one in my bucket list. Paragliding as a couple. They leaptentwinedin each other’s arms.Fear slayedby adrenaline.The parachute,a huge heartbillowed above.

Finally, Puttu.

Only a Keralite knows what Puttu means to him/her. Since it comparatively easy to make, and can be relished with spicy curries or bananas, it often claims the breakfast table of every Kerala household. Puttu is steamed rice flour, which is first fried to a particular texture. It […]

I Don’t Know

I have Soni’s Thoughts to thank for this. I was enjoying her amazing posts when I came across this gif-y challenge by Nehal and Tiction. I love gifs. The short moving pictures which makes you laugh and think alike. When the prompt is Idk, mother’s know the best. […]