Saturday Six Word Story Prompt (6WSP) #57- September 26, 2020

Prompt for Week #57 (Sep 26, 2020 – Oct 2, 2020)


This was an easy one. Thank you Shweta Suresh

1. I need maintenance, not high though.

2. No need for explanations, my dear.

3. Plants need affection not just water.

4. This room needs a woman’s touch.

5. I need you like never before.

6. Can’t cater to your selfish needs.

7.  Your greed has fueled your need.

8.  Go. I need to be alone.

9. I don’t need your silent treatment.

10. Do my tears need 99% feelings ?

11. Storms in my head need music

12. Need more ideas for this story.

13. I don’t need anything from you

14. When I need courage, cowardice appears.

15. All I need are food and books.

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